Is it weird to like hanging out in a cemetery?

We went to one of our new favorite places last night, Oakland Cemetery,  to turn in four images for their photo contest in conjunction with next week’s Sunday in the Park. It sounds like a lot of fun with a Victorian street art festival and a costume contest. We’ll be there! Who else might come?

We’ll also be going to one of their “Capturing the Spirit of Oakland Halloween Tours” later in the month as part of our 2014 Fall Fun Fest.

Here are the four photos we entered into the contest:

“An Angel gets Her Wings,” one of Dave’s entries.

Dave’s second entry, “Pensive Glow.”

Michelle loves “Light and Shadow!”

She also adores texture. This is her second entry, “Doorway to the Unknown.”

One thought on “Is it weird to like hanging out in a cemetery?

  1. If you’re ever in Tallahassee, there is an Oakland Cemetery there near my old house. It is beautiful, and my roommate (now a funeral director) and I would drive through it on our way to Publix. Gorgeous old mossy trees and ancient tombstones, quiet and peaceful in the midst of a college town…


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