Need Inspiration for Halloween? Check out these Costumes from the DragonCon 2015 Parade

We’re finally getting around to doing some processing of these! Whew, it’s been a crazy semester. Why don’t you try throwing these together for Saturday night. Don’t worry, you have plenty of time.


Sometimes the best shots aren’t of the parade, but of people walking to the parade. Go Joe!


Stephen Amell’s Green Arrow might meet his match if he gets in the ring with Wrestler Deadpool!


For some reason, the church background just fits for this photo. I believe these are horses and actors from Medieval Times.


Live long and prosper!


Go speed racer!


Maybe it’s too late to throw this one together for Saturday night …


Nice clown car.


“You are a sad, strange little man, and you have my pity.”

Picture of the Day: Gotham’s Selina Kyle Cosplay

When we saw that Gotham was premiering today, we immediately remembered running into this awesome Selina Kyle at DragonCon 2015! We both love the show, and Selina has to be our favorite character (though Harvey Bullock comes in a close second). This cosplayer was so in character when we bumped into her that I made sure to check my camera bags to see if anything was missing. Hold onto your cell phones! Who else is watching tonight?


DragonCon 2015: Portraits of Skyrim

One of the best things about DragonCon is the chance to see cosplayers go all out for their favorite fandom. We knew the Skyrim cosplayers would not disappoint, so we went to their photoshoot on Friday to grab a few shots. Skyrim is an immersive action role playing game set in a fantasy setting. I have only played the game a little because there is so much to it and the possibilities are endless. For someone as indecisive as me, I find it simultaneously beautiful and overwhelming.

One of the great things about cosplay for such a game is the fact that you can cosplay a NPC (non-player character) with established attributes, or you can play your own character that you build in the game. Again, the possibilities become endless and you can have a great deal of variety without the added pressure of the “did I get it right?” question that plagues those cosplaying established characters. At any rate, these costumes were fun.

If you don’t know how these meet and shoots go, many times they assemble the whole group and then little subgroups of characters. We tend to focus on individual characters, so we practiced our portraiture in taking these shots.

DSC09252-Edit DSC09251-Edit DSC09246-Edit DSC09244-Edit DSC09242-Edit DSC09237-Edit DSC08837-Edit DSC08833-Edit DSC08832-Edit

Somber Sunset Clown

Fall Fun Fest, Chapter Three: Halloween Edition

Halloween is one of our favorite days of the year. It’s like a DragonCon that everyone attends! We’ve been saving up some creepy and Halloween related photos for today, taken with a variety of techniques. Hope you enjoy!

Here are a few from the Gwinnett County Fair that we’ve been holding onto for a creepy day:

Happy Creepy Clown

A beautiful, partly cloudy day for the happy clown.

Sleepy Creepy Clown

The creepy clown gets sleepy a little later in the day.

Somber Sunset Clown

Sunset brings out the somber tones in these clowns.

The next week, we attended Historic Oakland Cemetery‘s Spirit of Oakland special tour. It was a lot of fun, with costumed actors playing the roles of some of the more famous people buried at Oakland.

A Toast.

Apparently, whoever this character is, a bullet to the eye precipitated his burial at Historic Oakland Cemetery.

Reflection by a monument.

This was one of the tour assistants. They were all dressed in old-timey garb. I was happy to catch him in a moment of reflection.

Austell Light Painting

We are rarely at the cemetery in the evening, so I took advantage of the timing to light-paint one of my favorite mausoleums.

The following night, we went to Corn Dawgs corn maze. It was a great place to do some more light painting and long exposure photography and try to catch the creepy spirit of the season.

Electric Corn Maze

I took this one from the top of one of the stands overlooking the corn field. I had to wait for people to walk through the maze with their flashlight in order to capture the spirits.

Phantome Corn Maze

“The Phantom Michelle.” This was a fun combination of three different photos to get different elements into the picture. If was hilarious to see the other attendees reactions to Michelle walking back and forth with a red spotlight under her face through the corn maze.

The next week took us to Owl-O-Ween in Kennesaw. I had a lot of fun trying to capture the fire dancers, something I’d like to do more of in the future.

Fire Dancing Devil

I was able to practice some rear-sync flash techniques while doing a long exposure to capture the trail of the flame.

Frosty Owl

I channeled my inner street photographer to capture this ice sculptor in the process of fashioning an owl. I had to go with an old-school Fujifilm-type processing on this one.

Have a safe, happy, and tolerably creepy Halloween!!

Catwoman kiss

Who’s Watching Gotham Tonight? Five Reasons we are Tuning In

Batman Ends

A cosplayer from DragonCon 2014 reenacts the classic pose from the end of Batman’s story in the Nolan films.

Since we are known around our stomping grounds as consultants on geek culture, several folks have asked us whether or not we are tuning in to watch Gotham tonight on FOX. Of course we are! We will give most comic book shows a chance, and we are rather partial to the Bat-verse. Michelle’s favorite character, after all, is Batgirl. But why tune in to another interpretation of the Batman mythology?

Joker and Harley

I wonder how long it will take for the Joker and Harley to come in and steal the show? Great cosplayers from the DragonCon 2014 parade.

1. We are suckers for an origin story, and while Gotham starts out with the classic origin of Bruce Wayne, I’m hopeful that the show will not center around him. Rather, it looks like we will get to see some intriguing beginnings of Catwoman, Penguin, Poison Ivy, the Riddler, Commissioner Gordon, and perhaps even the Joker. The character I’m most looking forward to, actually, is the

Dent Penguin

It’s never a good thing to see Harvey Dent and Oswald Cobblepot conspiring in a hotel. From DragonCon 2014.

Penguin, a crime boss whom I have never cared for in any television series or movie. The trailers of Robin Lord Taylor’s performance as the character, though, are diabolical and amazing.

Little Catwoman

Gotham’s Selina Kyle will be a bit younger this time around.

2. Because of the main character, Gotham itself. That’s right, the city is one of the main characters of the show, and I’m very intrigued with how they will approach it in this series.

Dark Knight Crew

Wait, the Riddler wasn’t in the Nolan trilogy, was he? A quick shot at the Marriott during DragonCon 2014

3. Because Batman is far less interesting than the characters around him. A lot of folks are wondering how a Batman show can succeed without Batman. If you watch the Nolan films, however, the only one that is really about Batman is Batman Begins. You get to learn about his origin and training there, and most of the pieces of his psychology are there. When you get to The Dark Knight and The Dark Knight Rises, though, the real show belongs to the Joker, Bane, and Catwoman.

Catwoman kiss

Catwoman blows a kiss to an unidentified paramour at the DragonCon 2014 parade.

4. Because of the potential for strong women characters. If they are indeed taking cues from Greg Rucka’s Gotham Central series, then they are pulling from a writer who has a great track record of strong female characters who are more than foils for their male counterparts. And since Bruce Wayne is only twelve or so, maybe–just maybe–every female character in this show will not have a crush on him (that’s right, I’m looking at you, Arrow). I was very excited to learn that one of my favorite characters, Renee Montoya, was going to be a part of the crew. I just question where they will go with her story, hmmmm.

5. Because we want more Harley Quinn than just a cameo from Amanda Waller’s  jail (we jest, Arrow, we jest). That’s right! More Harley Quinn you DC TV gurus! :-).


Sailor Joker agrees. There is always a need for more Harley. Taken at the Atlanta Aquarium during DragonCon 2014.


A Creepy Thirteen: Bioshock at DragonCon 2014

Elizabeth Leads Parade

Elizabeth leads the parade.

Little Sister, Big Sister

Little Sister and Big Sister walk in tandem.

Little Sister ready to harvest.

One of the creepiest things about the game is the large needle filling the baby bottle with blood.

Little Sister and her Big Daddy.

Little Sister loves her Big Daddy.

Elizabeth is a popular cosplay.

Elizabeth is a popular cosplay.

Peddling Power Ups

Peddling power-ups.

Don't mess with this little sister.

Don’t mess with this little sister.

A decapitated motorized patriot.

A decapitated motorized patriot.

Little Sister Ghost

Don’t look behind you!


A creepy approach to predestination.

Robert and Rosalind

Robert and Rosalind examine the coin of fate.

The Bioshock Infinite group shot.

The Bioshock Infinite group shot.

A Big Sister spotted at the Atlanta Aquarium

A Big Sister spotted at the Atlanta Aquarium.

White Walker

It May be hot Outside, but Winter is Coming: Game of Thrones Photos from DragonCon

Lord Varys

Lord Varys, AKA, the Spider, checking in with his “little birds.”


An awesome Shae cosplay. Where is Tyrion?


“You know nothing, John Snow.” A fun Ygritte cosplay.


The props often make the cosplay. Love this Melisandre.

Brienne of Tarth

Galacticat does a great Brienne of Tarth. Perfect attitude and a great costume.

White Walker

A white walker in the DragonCon parade. I had a lot of fun with this one!