DSC09609geek: “a person who has excessive enthusiasm for and some expertise about a specialized subject or activity” (dictionary.com).

photographyliterally, “writing with light”

Dave and Michelle Garber have been geeking out over photography, among other obsessions, for about two years. This blog is dedicated to sharing our thoughts on photography with friends, family, and anyone else who enjoys our obsessions. It’s quite eclectic, but that makes life much more interesting!

If you like our art, we have a print store! We have given most of our galleries whimsical names to reflect our interests in the fantastic and mysterious.

In “Masquerade,” you will find our cosplay photography taken at conventions like DragonCon (not for sale at this time).

In the “Bestiary,” you will see wildlife as well as canine photography.

The Mystery of Mad Sally LakeIn “Cosmogony,” you will find our landscape and nature shots representing what we find beautiful and awe-inspiring in the created order.

Apple TimeDave’s culinary creations will reside in the “Banquet Hall,” while “The Colosseum” (forthcoming) will be dedicated to martial arts and other sports photography.

Finally, Dave is working on a fine art project entitled “Sacred Spaces” that will grow over the course of his travels in 2014.




This is the personal blog space of Dave and Michelle Garber. The thoughts expressed here do not necessarily reflect the views and opinions of our employer.

All photos and text © 2014 Garber Geektography unless otherwise noted.

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