Stages of a Marigold

We planted a container garden last week, partly to grow some delicious herbs and peppers, and partly to get us outside a bit more when we are at home. We are also learning a lot about how to grow and the care that gardens need. One of the things we learned is about companion planting, and that having flowers in your herb/veggie garden helps keep pests at bay. So we planted some marigolds in various containers, and I had a bit of fun with our macro lens this evening. Here are some shots of Marigold flowers in various stages. Prints are available if you click the images.



Please Excuse Us: We’ve Been Out Chasing Rainbows


Michelle portrays us as the intrepid adventurers we are using her iPhone 5 and Snapseed 2.0. They just updated the app with a set of “grunge” filters right before she shot this image. It must have been fate.

Yes, yes. It has been a while since our last post. We have been image-mining, as they say, out on our Dakotas road trip for two weeks at the end of May. When we returned, I immediately began teaching a three-week intensive class while Michelle caught up on administrative work.

In the meantime, I hope my foodie picks over on the Instagram account have kept you entertained, if not hungry. I’ve been trying some new processing techniques on our landscape and nature photography, and have been quite overwhelmed by the amount of images we were able to bring back from our trip. I plan to spread those out over the next few weeks on the blog.

In the meantime, here are a few “in the field” images that we shared on Instagram and Facebook over the course of our trip, followed by something new as a preview of what’s to come. I processed all of the images below, except for the last one, using Snapseed 2.0.

Our first destination was to see our good friends Eric and Holley in St. Paul, Minnesota. Thanks to Eric for showing us around some of the chapels at Luther Seminary!

One of the benefits of camping is that I can still cook while on the road!

Here are our cameras and tripods being all cheesy as they try to capture the sunset in the northern area of Theodore Roosevelt National Park in North Dakota.

Benefit #2 of camping: tuckered doggies!

Of course, we don’t always have to cook. This was a refreshing peanut butter pie from Bobkat’s Purple Pie Place in Custer, SD.

For some reason my neck always hurts when I look at this photo. Checking out some of the waterfalls at Spearfish Canyon, SD.

This was on a fun day where we just ended up driving everywhere we could on some dirt roads in Wind Cave National Park, SD. Unmarked roads are the best!

In case you were wondering, rain + dirt = mud. Michelle getting down and dirty in the Badlands, SD.

We really loved the Badlands. I’m having a difficult time picking which images to process and share!

If my camera does yoga, I don’t have to, right?

For those of you who know Michelle, you know this was a major step! She’s not fond of bunnies! In other news, Wall Drug — whoa!

Our last stop was Omaha’s Henry Doorly Zoo & Aquarium. This place was amazing and we have so many photos! We’ll try to spread them out over the next few months so you don’t get bored! This is a picture of the Desert Dome.


A little preview of what’s to come. A magnificent double rainbow greeted us on our first night in the Badlands of South Dakota. Print Available.

All images are ©2015, Garber Geektography.

Enter the DragonCon

Enter the DragonCon

Just some fun with dragons and the 70-200 FE from Lens Rentals. 🙂

On tap for today:

  1. Drop doggies off at “camp”
  2. Get DragonCon passes
  3. Get ready for a bunch of photo-shoots, including but not limited to: Disney, Game of Thrones, DC comics cross play, Justice Society, Marvel Cosmic Universe (I am Groot!), Gotham, and Secret Six!
  4. Maybe and Arrow or Firefly panel
  5. The Friday Night Costume Contest
  6. and some kind of meals, sometime.

Poisonous Perspectives

It’s time to put the “geek” into “Garber Geektography” with a look back at one of my first photo assignments on “perspectives” in The Arcanum. Karen Hutton presented us with a pretty basic, but eye-opening challenge to produce three images of three different subjects from three different vantage points. She wanted one shot from below, one shot from above, and one from a straight perspective. So what’s a geek to do when presented with such a challenge? Go grab Michelle’s Poison Ivy figurine for a date at the Atlanta Botanical Gardens, of course (the date was with Michelle, not Poison Ivy …  ’cause that would be weird).


Poison Ivy from the low angle.

I really did not know how tricky this was going to be when I started, given the size of the small bust designed by comic book artist Amanda Conner. I wanted to place Ivy in her natural habitat and sought out flora that complimented the color scheme. This meant lying down on the sidewalk along the gardens, figuring out the best light and angle, while also trying to find a slight slope to get the “from below” angle. This proved the most elusive perspective, given the fact that Ivy is looking up while I wanted to focus on the eyes. I also had limited myself to using the 35mm prime lens that I had at the time, which meant that in addition to lying on the ground, I had to get pretty close. I wasn’t as happy with this image, because the angle didn’t feature the eyes or face as well as it should. I do like, however, how the lines of the background landscape look from this angle, something that would later influence my landscape photography. I probably also looked more than a bit strange as I was arranging the dead roots to camouflage her base. I think at one point, a mother came by as I was lying on the ground and said to her daughters, “Awww, look, he’s taking pictures of a fairy.” I don’t think Pamela Isley would like that one bit. Continue reading